Seton Brain & Spine Institute's Comprehensive Epilepsy Program was created to treat severe cases of epilepsy—where quality of life is profoundly impacted and medication is not an effective option.

Low Back Pain

Most adults experience some type of lower back pain in their lifetime, and many often receive inadequate relief due to uncoordinated treatment from a variety of care providers.

Spinal Cord Injury

Seton Brain & Spine Institute’s Spinal Cord Injury program at University Medical Center Brackenridge is the mandated destination for EMS when responding to emergencies involving spinal cord trauma.


The back and spine are a complex support system that requires complex care. We brought together experts in all areas of spine care to form the most focused, comprehensive and conservative program in Central Texas.


The best results will be achieved at a hospital that is set up to provide the fastest treatment possible for stroke intervention and also meets the highest standards for stroke care.


Seton Brain & Spine Institute's tumor program is the only comprehensive neuro-oncology program in Central Texas – offering all aspects of brain and spine tumor care in one central location.  

Headaches and Migraines  

Seton Brain & Spine Institute is dedicated to educating people on all available treatment options for headache and migraine relief and equipping them with the knowledge needed to make the best decisions for their health.